SUNI Technical Support

CLOSED their Doors

We support small-medium size dental clinics as well as large dental groups. Our technicians specialize in providing support for IT, PMS, EHR and Digital Imaging for the Health care industry, both Dental and Medical. 

We understand what you are going through, as an OEM vendor of SUNI (Good Doctors is the manufacturer of the SuniCam) we were also caught off-guard with their closing. We would like to offer a helping hand in this time of need by supporting your Dr. Suni and Prof. Suni software, as well as your SuniCam, Dr Suni Plus, SuniRay & SuniRay2 and the latest Eco sensors for an introductory fee of $200 for 2019.

If you need to upgrade or replace any of your current sensors or cameras with our products, we will provide FREE SUPPORT for as long as you own them. We will also cover your current Suni software, sensors, and cameras with that same Free Lifetime Support.

Call us at (844) 448-5050 for details.